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Kitty Clicker by Alcosmos 2022 - 2023
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2024-02-06 - "Release" day?
Nothing fancy; just added a banner at the bottom of my personal website so people would know about the existence of this place.

I still have to polish this a bit, and finally write a big blog post about the history of this game.

How long has it been... Over 2 years since classes were so boring that I started this game out of nowhere, invested a ton of hours into developing it further, last year decided to use it for my Final Degree Project, and now I just release it without further explaination?

ADHD going strong with this one :P
2023-06-12 - Demo day
The big event has arrived: The demo day! To whoever is reading this on this date, enjoy the first official public presentation of Kitty Clicker.
Have fun!
Kitty Clicker by Alcosmos 2022 - 2024